View your design from all angles in 3D. From your floorplans the program automatically creates detailed facades, cross-sections and 3D photorealistic images. Assign patterns, transparency values to surfaces. Shadows make the images even more realistic. Import a photo of the building site and use it as a background. Export the 3D building into Google Earth -KMZ file, Collade -DAE file, VRML -WRL, WRZ file. Film a QuickTime-viewable, AVI or panorama virtual tour of the completed structure.

NEW features in ARCAD v14                                                 ARCAD Facebook

  • Export 3D to HTML file

  • Rotate 3D plan automatically into a movie and more....

  • and more....

  • NEW features in ARCAD v12

    • Sunlight exposure picture and movie maker function in 3D

    • Pick up and change colours and textures in 3D

    • LDR filled areas, hatching patterns in 3D

    • Exporting 3D Building To Google Earth, Collada, etc...

    • Create movie and animation movie, DYNAMIC ANIMATION

    • First person camera movie maker....

    • Print to PDF  

    • NEW features in ARCAD v11

      • Designing in 3D and 2D environment in parallel

      • changing colours and textures in 3D

      • New intuitive user interface

      • New powerful 3D module

      • Create movie and animation movie, DYNAMIC ANIMATION

      • View your plan in photo-realistic 3D and more....

      • 3D views in multiple windows - within the roof, stair and roof frame design modules as well  

      • WRML, KMZ, AVI, MOV, FLV, SWF, 3D DXF, JPG, BMP export and more....





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